One of the newest technologies that Frontier MWD can provide is Rotational Software. This means no more wasted time tripping out of the hole to reprogram the MWD tool for the lateral section of a horizontal well. When the driller is rotating the tool goes into a rotational sequence and sends only the data required while rotating. For example; ROTS: gamma, shock, vibration, temp, RPM's, etc. While sliding the tool sends information in the Tool Logging sequence.

Frontier MWD's Advanced Features

  • Operational time and environment history recorded in internal memory
  • On-board rotation detection
  • Shock, vibration & RPM pulsed to surface in real-time
  • Addition internal logging
  • Internal current usage logged to memory
  • Smart power management-efficient battery switching and logging of voltage and current
  • Fluxgate magnetometers
  • Quartz-flexure accelerometer
  • Legacy compatible
  • Enhanced circuit protection
  • Calibration coefficients included directly into module memory
  • Quality wiring inside with strain relief connectors and high temper
  • ature mesh covering for wires
  • Shorter, more rugged design