A Brief History of Everything MWD

It hasn't always been this easy to take directional measurements while drilling a well, and that's to say nothing of vibration, gamma radiation, temperature, and rotation, among others. Before MWD/LWD, measuring just the basics was a laborious, time-consuming process that wasted countless dollars and hours at the drill site. Here's a brief history of MWD, a picture of how most MWD looks today, and what its like to be on the leading edge of independent MWD technology:

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Top 4 Myths About Agitators (And What to do About Them)

Using an agitator can be a huge boon to a drill operation, cutting down on friction issues and boosting results. But improper set-up and operation, especially in conjunction with MWD equipment, can cause unnecessary complications and headaches. From our MWD experts here at NewTech MWD, here are the top 4 myths about agitators, and the 6 essential best practices for using them on your next job.

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FRONTIER MWD 1st In World to Use Tolteq MWD Top Mount Pulser (TMP)

Frontier MWD Systems is officially the first in the world to use Tolteq MWD's brand new Top Mount Pulser (TMP) commercially. This exciting new technology enhances data acquisition, reduces downtime, and pushes the limits of drilling technology into the next generation.  

The new Tolteq TMP fresh out of the box in our Houston shop.

In Tolteq's own words:

The Tolteq TMP has superior resistance to vibration with protected wiring to handle extreme environments and virtually eliminates LCM issues while freeing up the critical downhole end. Operational at 175°C, the TMP adopts several Tolteq i-series parts and subassemblies to allow for familiar maintenance and straightforward oil fill. Its solenoid-based technology eliminates the need for a power-hungry motor drive and extends the tool’s battery life up to 400 operational hours per battery.

Impressive, no?

It's good to be on the leading edge, and we're excited to be a part of the continuing innovation in drilling technology.

Of course, we test every ounce of equipment at length before sending it out to our customers, making sure it's up to the standards of quality that they have come to expect. If you have any questions, or want to take the new Tolteq TMP for a spin, give us a call at 832-559-1608.

Check out some more pics of this beauty in our Houson shop below:

New Full-Service Facility Opening in Midland, TX

Frontier MWD is partnering with SMS Precision Tech to open a state-of-the-art, full-service facility in Midland, Texas. The brand new shop will provide the same high-quality complete MWD tool service already on offer at the Houston location, conveniently placed near our customers in the Midland area. Stop by and see our Master Shop Techs at 3700 West County  Road, Suite 145.