Tolteq Intelligent Directional Module (iDM)

The Intelligent Directional Module raises the bar with legacy compatibility and advanced features. Engineered to the highest possible standards - so you can be confident your downhole tool is always performing at its best.

IDM Advanced Features

  • Operational time and environment history recorded in internal memory
  • On-board rotation detection
  • Shock, vibration & RPM pulsed to surface in real-time
  • Addition internal logging
  • Internal current usage logged to memory
  • Smart power management-efficient battery switching and logging of voltage and current
  • Fluxgate magnetometers
  • Quartz-flexure accelerometer
  • Legacy compatible
  • Enhanced circuit protection
  • Calibration coefficients included directly into module memory
  • Quality wiring inside with strain relief connectors and high temperature mesh covering for wires
  • Shorter, more rugged design

Electrical Sepcifications

Operation Voltage Range: 10V-30V
Current @ 28V: 100mA Max, 10mA Idle
Power Usage: 0.25W Idle, 3W Peak
Sensor power management through firmware

Mechanical and Environmental Specifications

Parameter Miniumum Maximum Units
Outside Diameter 1.875 Inches
Length 0.047 m
Operating Temperature 0 175 °C
32 347 °F
Survival Temperature -40 185 °C
-40 365 °F
Vibration, Random 20 gRMS, 15-500 Hz
Shock 1000 g, 0.5 mSec, half-sine

iDM Accuracy Specifications

Parameter Accuracy
Inclination Absolute ±0.1°
Spread ±0.1°
Azimuth (Magnetic dip angel at < 70°):
@ 5° inclination: Absolute ±1.2°
Spread ±1.0°
@ 10° inclination: Absolute ±1.0°
Spread ±0.75°
@ 90° inclination: Absolute ±0.5°
Spread ±0.5°
Tool face accuracy, axial rotation, 10 through 90 inc: ±1.0°
Total g field accuracy, absolute: ±5.0mG
Total H field accuracy, absolute: 3.0 mguass
RPM measurement, 10-255 RPM: ±0.5% of value