Digidrill Gamma Logging Software

The DigiDrill Datalogger Version 5 Standard is our logging software of choice. DigiDrill Datalogger is an industry-proven logging software that is very user friendly, for any action needing to be applied to logs. Datalogger incorporates the latest advancements in logging technology, by designing for improved function.

Logging Advanced Features

Auto Detect: Automatically recognizes tools and WITS systems that are connected to any serial port.

Customizable Data: We have the ability to map any data being sent and can publish any data from DigiDrill.

New Real-Time Curves: The Real-Time log creator in the main logging windows can now have any parameter added. This allows instantaneous views of any curves in the system.

New Survey Views: Vertical and Horizontal well plots can now be quickly viewed at the touch of a button in the Survey and Plot data on the main logging window.

Remove Outliers: Boundary limits or standard deviation limits can be set to automatically remove spikes from your logs.

New LAS Generator: Creates LAS projects to quickly export your LAS's at surveys. Smoothing and formulas can be applied to individual curves.

Full Resistivity Logging Functionality: 10 resistivity variables are logged in real time. Options for adding formulas and mud variables: Logarithmic Scaling is provided for logs.

Data Sources: The software is able to bring in data from various sources including, Version 4 DDB files, LAS files and even files created from LiveLog.

Online Tutorials: Overviews of individual topics to help with new features of DigiDrill import Log files: Now has the ability to drop your log into a file directory and have them resized.